What is a hydrocele and what are its symptoms and causes?

Hydrocele, or water hernia, is manifested by the enlargement of one or both sides of the scrotum. The contents of the hernia sac are fluid. The cause is a congenital non-closure of the peritoneum after the descent of the testicles.

How can hydrocele be treated?

In some cases, the water hernia is absorbed by 2 years of age. It does not bring any restrictions to the patient. We usually perform the operation after 2.5. year of age.

How do we perform the hydrocele surgery on children and newborns in our clinics?

Hydrocele surgery takes place in the same way as the classic inguinal hernia. An incision of about 2-3 cm is made in the groin, the inguinal canal is opened and the sac of the hernia is ligated. Then the groin and the wound are closed. The operation takes place under general anesthesia.

How is the recovery after hydrocele surgery?

One week after the operation, a rest regime is suitable, the child should avoid any sports or bouncing for about 4 weeks following the surgery.