Consultation in the field of sports traumatology500 CZK
Orthopedic examination and consultation500 CZK
Rehabilitation with physiotherapist, RHB ropes Redcord650 CZK / 60 min
Freckle removal or small skin lesion removal800 CZK
Podiatric physician examination400 CZK
Shockwave therapy500 CZK
Ultrasound examination of soft tissue200 CZK
Other servicesPrice
Rehabilitation with physiotherapist, RHB Redcord ropes650 Kč / 60 min
Exercise on Redcord ropes CZ400 CZK / 45 min
Electrotherapy + Rebox200 CZK/td>
Magnetotherapie200 CZK
Cupping, trigger point acupuncture200 CZK
Lymphatic drainage600 CZK / 60 min