What is circumcision in newborns?

The circumcision of newborns at our workplace is performed by a team of experienced pediatric surgeons using the PlastiBell method. This is one of the most commonly used methods in the world for neonatal circumcision. It is very fast and offers an excellent cosmetic effect. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, there is no need to introduce the patient to general anesthesia. Plastibell is a transparent plastic ring with a deep groove around the perimeter intended for circumcision in children. The ring is placed on the head of the penis during the 5-10 minutes surgery and falls off with the rest of the foreskin within 3 to 8 days. The appropriate time to perform this type of circumcision is during the first month of the child's life, up to a maximum of 3 months of age. After 3 months of age, circumcision can only be performed under general anesthesia.

What is the difference between partial and complete circumcision?

Partial circumcision consists of removing only the narrowed part of the foreskin (part of the foreskin thus remains and partially covers the acorn), while in total circumcision the entire acorn is exposed. However, in line with world trends, we do not recommend partial circumcision - in the case of the originally narrowed part of the foreskin, further scarring may occur and it is better to remove the entire foreskin.

What are the benefits of circumcision and why is it done in boys?

Circumcision is a common birth ritual for much of the world's population. It is part of the history and customs of the nations. It is performed for religious or hygienic reasons. From a health point of view, a man does not transmit HPV viruses after general circumcision, and his partners have a statistically lower incidence of cervical tumors. There is also a lower incidence of penile tumors in these patients.

Where do we perform circumcision in Prague?

We perform circumcision of patients up to 3 months at the pediatric surgery department at Opatovská 11, Prague 4. In children over three months of age, circumcision under general anesthesia is performed by an experienced team of anesthesiologists and pediatric surgeons at the Malvazinky Clinic, Prague 5.

How does child circumcision work in newborns at our clinic?

A patient aged 3 weeks to 3 months comes with his parents to clinic ideally with no meals 2 hours prior. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, immediately after the operation the mother breastfeeds/serves artificial milk to the child. After 20 minutes, he can go home with his parents. The whole stay at our clinic lasts about 40 minutes.

How to prepare before the operation?

It is advisable to come with a patient who has not eaten for at least 2 hours. He could vomit milk during the procedure. Immediately after the circumcision, the little patient feeds. A clean diaper is needed for the procedure.

How does circumcision heal and is healing or the surgery itself painful?

After about 4-8 days, the ring with the remaining part of the foreskin gradually falls off. Circumcision heals very well. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain. After the operation, the patient can be given Paralen for pain on the first day, but in our experience, most patients do not require it at all.

What restrictions apply after the operation?

The parents take care of the baby after the operation as before. The only restriction is swimming. We recommend that you only shower the patient one week after the procedure. Swimming in the pool is suitable only a month after exercise.