Surgery without hospitalization
Come in the Morning, go home in the afternoon. Our priority is the least possible burden on our pediatric patients and their families. The Operations are conducted by a team of experienced pediatric surgeons and anesthesiologists with long experience in the Motol Hospital.


We are experienced child surgeons with years of experience regarding neonatal circumcision. The procedure is performed using the Plastibell method, which is one of the most common used methods for neonatal circumcision in the world.

CentrumST provides comprehensive care in the field of sports traumatology, pediatric surgery, orthopedics, physiotherapy, podiatry, exercise, massage and more. Our goal is to comprehensively heal the patient, so that a quick return back to normal physical activity is possible. Sport and healthy life are inseparable. Movement is life.


Doctors of „Dětská Chirurgie Praha“(Prague Childrens‘ Surgery) are specialists for infants, children and youth who provide the latest children's surgical care. We have the possibility to provide our patients with operational procedures of hernia surgery to correct congenital defects. We use the latest technology and surgical techniques, including minimal invasive surgery.


We deal with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Our physiotherapy is closely related to other departments, and thus completes the comprehensive care of the musculoskeletal system.